LrFG at MoMOT 2022

We are excited to be presenting our new paper, Modelling Exponents, at MoMOT in Montreal! The authors on the paper are Ash Asudeh, Tina Bögel, and Dan Siddiqi. MoMOT is hosted by Heather Newell at UQAM this year. You can find the workshop website here.

LFG22: Brief report

Here’s a slightly belated report on LRFG at the LFG22 conference. The hybrid conference ran from July 12–24 and was organized by Stephen Jones, who did a fantastic job. Thanks, Steve!!!

Dan and Ash presented a paper on Realizational Morphosemantics in LRFG. The paper seeks to explain why it is that some irregulars block regulars (ate/*eated, children/*childs), whereas others do not (brethren/brothers, people/persons). This is an ancient problem, but we offer a novel explanation of patterns in terms of the interplay of LRFG’s three MostInformative principles.

Berke S (U. Warsaw) gave a great paper that uses LRFG to explain the distribution and properties of Turkish suspended affixation, Analysis of Turkish Suspended Affixation in Nonverbal Coordination. A particularly noteworthy aspect of Berke’s paper is that it provides details on LRFG’s c-structure rules/constraints.

We are grateful to the conference participants for their insightful questions on both papers.

Handouts will soon be posted to the Presentations page.