LFG22: Brief report

Here’s a slightly belated report on LRFG at the LFG22 conference. The hybrid conference ran from July 12–24 and was organized by Stephen Jones, who did a fantastic job. Thanks, Steve!!!

Dan and Ash presented a paper on Realizational Morphosemantics in LRFG. The paper seeks to explain why it is that some irregulars block regulars (ate/*eated, children/*childs), whereas others do not (brethren/brothers, people/persons). This is an ancient problem, but we offer a novel explanation of patterns in terms of the interplay of LRFG’s three MostInformative principles.

Berke S (U. Warsaw) gave a great paper that uses LRFG to explain the distribution and properties of Turkish suspended affixation, Analysis of Turkish Suspended Affixation in Nonverbal Coordination. A particularly noteworthy aspect of Berke’s paper is that it provides details on LRFG’s c-structure rules/constraints.

We are grateful to the conference participants for their insightful questions on both papers.

Handouts will soon be posted to the Presentations page.

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